English text from this 1985 flyer:

What's the new perspective? Sonor Phonic Plus drums in Hi-Tech Finish! The anthracite drum covering combined with black hardware makes for a realprofessional look to match a professional sound.m Hi-Tech's procedure makes the distinction. Instead of lacquer, the hardware as well as lugs and rims of the drums are coated with a layer of special powder. This ensures for longerlasting surface wear and protects against corrosion better than lacquer. Try out the new Phonic Plus Hi-Tech drums at your nearest dealer and see for yourself.


Phonic Plus Hi-Tech Drums sind in folgenden Größen erhältlich:

Phonic Plus Hi-Tech Drums are available in the following sizes:

Snare Drum
D518x HTA 14" x 8"

Bass Drums
G 20 HTA 20" x 17"
G 22 HTA 22" x 18"
G 24 HTA 24" x 18"

Tom Toms

T 8 HTA 8" x 8"
T10 HTA 10" x 10"
T12 HTA 12" x 12"
T13 HTA 13" x 13"
T14 HTA 14" x 14"
T15 HTA 15" x 15"

Floor Toms

FT 15 HTA 15" x 17"
FT 16 HTA 16" x 18"
FT 18 HTA 18" x 19"

Erhältliche Phonic Plus Hi-Tech Hardware:

Phonic Plus Hi-Tech hardware available:

Bass Drum Pedal
Z 5370 B

Z 5470 B
Z 5474 B

Snare Drum Stand
Z 5570 B

Cymbal Stand
Z 5270 B

Double Cymbal Stand
Z 5278 B

Cymbal Boom Arm
Z 5273 B
Z 5277 B

Z 5274 B

Double Tom Tom Stand
Z 5275 B

Double Tom Tom and Cymbal Stand
Z 5279 B

Tom Tom Holders,
Prism Clamp,
Tom Tom Arm
Z 5511b B
Z 5513b B
Z 5516b B
Z 5518b B
Z 5507c B
Z 5508c B
Z 5513e B

Vario Clamps
Z 5526a B
Z 5526b B

Drum Stool
Z 5810 B

External Mufflers
Z 5111 B
Z 5112 B

The Drummer's Drum