Sonic PLUS is available in three covered finishes.
Please note that wood is a natural product. This may result in slight color-tone differences.

Sonic PLUS is the most unique drum series in its class. A design process that made the Sonor Designer Series the leader in drum innovation has been applied to develop a completely new series for budget-oriented drummers. The focus of the design process was to integrate superior sound with resonance isolation at an affordable price.
At the same time the Sonor designers did not sacrifice their commitment to protecting our natural resources. That is why Sonor like no other company meets the world's most rigid standards for environmental protection.
All in all, Sonic PLUS is more than a new drum series. It is proof that high quality and low price don't have to be a contradiction.
The double tom holders feature a revolutionary practical design. A multi-purpose double clamp allows a perfect variety in tom positions, and also servesas a tom holder or multi clamp on another stand. Yet the whole tem is simple and slim in design.
The tom mounts are fixed externally to the lugs. The uniquely designed lug allows for the bass drum and floor tom legs as well as SAM system to be attached externally thus not penetrating the shell.
Sonic PLUS drums feature thin birch shells without reinforcement hoops on the inside. They offer great resonance and a perfect sound volume.

The toms and snare drums are made of 6-ply shells, the bass drums are 9-ply. The wide range of shell sizes allows for any music style and drum setup.

Tom mount holes in the shells are no longer necessary. The holder is simply screwed onto the lugs. Any shell-to-tom mount contact is eliminated, the shell therefore resonates more freely and provides a better sound.
Below: mount.from black badge model. Design similar to S-Class/Force series.

Bass Drums:

20"x16" • 22"x16"

Snare Drums (Wood):

14"x5 • 14"x6.5"

Tom Toms:

8"x8" • 10"x9" • 12"x9"
13"x11" • 14"x12"

ABOVE: Sonic Plus in Stain Blue

Studio Set SOP 4020 in SGB 81
SB 2016 - Bass Drum - 20x16
SD 1405 - Snare Drum - 14x5
ST 1009 - Tom Tom - 10x9
ST 1210 - Tom Tom 12x10
SFT 1416 - Floor Tom - 14x16
SHP - Hardware Pack
SDTH - Double Tom Holder
Additionally Available:
SCBS - Cymbal Boom Stand

BELOW: Sonic Plus in Stain RED

Stage Set SOP 4022 in SGR 82
SB 2216 - Bass Drum - 20x16 • SD 1406 - Snare Drum - 14x6.5
ST 1210 - Tom Tom 12x10 • ST 1311 - Tom Tom 13x11
SFT 1616 - Floor Tom - 16x16
SHP - Hardware Pack
SDTH - Double Tom Holder
Additionally Available:
SB 2216 - Bass Drum - 20x16 • ST 1009 - Tom Tom - 10x9
SSTH - Single Tom Holder • SDTH-C instead of SDTH
SCBS (2x) - Cymbal Boom Stand • FZ 2093 - Bass Drum Pedal

The bass drum hoops are made froma highly durable polymer, feature integrated tension screws and are cosmetically designer to cover the drumhead hoop.

The Sonor Auxilliary Mount (SAM) system allows the attachment of microphones or, by using 2 SAMs, small cymbal or percussion items to the lugs.

The floor toms are equipped with quick release legs fastened o the modular lug system. The legs can be adjusted and totally removed simply by lifting the lever.

A quick release fold out system was designed for the bass drum legs. They are stable, easy to handle and also mounted externally onto the lugs. They can be converted to spikes by simply removing the rubber foot.

Sonic Plus hardware incorporates new ideas in stand construction. The clamps, bushes and brackets are made of a highly durable polymer. All stands feature Sonor's triple electro plating process, thus ensuring high protection and durable finish.
The bass drum pedal offers smooth and fast action with low-mass design. It is also available in a double pedal version.

The Sonic PLUS tom holder has major advantages over traditional systems. Using a pair of black casting claws mounted on acentralpost makes it both easy-to-use and flexible. Every desired positioncan be found with just a turn of a screw. The single claw can be removed and attached to any Force-type stand. Memory clamps ensure the same position of the toms when setting up the kit.

SDTH Double Tom Holder
SDTH-C Double Tom Holder
with Cymbal Boom Arm
SSTH Single Tom Holder
SAM 2 with cymbal arm
(light weight cymbals only)

Above: Orange Badge finishes.

Above Right: Black badge finishes

Sonic PLUS Hardware


SHH - Hihat Stand • SDS - Snare Drum Stand
SDTH - Double Tom Holder
SDTC-C - Double Tom Holder with Cymbal Boom Arm
SSTH - Single Tom Holder • STA - Tom Arm
SPH - Prism Holder • SCS - Cymbal Stand
SCTS - Cymbal Tom Stand • SDTS - Double Tom Stand
SAM - Sonor Auxilliary Mount
SAM 1 - Sonor Auxilliary Mount with microphone holder attachement
SAM 2 - Sonor Auxilliary Mount with Cymbal Arm
FZ 2093 - Bass Drum Pedal


SHH - Hihat Stand
SDS - Snare Drum Stand
SCS - Cymbal Stand
FZ 2093 - Bass Drum Pedal


Below: The second Sonic PLUS cover with black badges pasted in. Interior of the catalog is the same with the exception of the updated tom mount and finsh choice reductions already noted.
All of the kit pictures have the black badge clumsily pasted into the old shots...