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Change of venue...

Post by jules » Wed Feb 17, 2016 12:08 am

I am having an issue and am debating some options. As some of you surely remember, I have twice launched a site of my own for the promotion of Sonor fanaticism, since my contributions here have always been limited to use of the message board, or interviews which required uploading by Scott (Logsdon).

I spoke with Scott a few weeks ago and he seem very interested in hosting the new series of interviews I am working on here on this site. And with the history and past traffic the site has gotten, it seemed like a logical place to host the works.

In operation, this isn't proving to be a go. Scott is beyond busy, and my repeated efforts to make contact have been fruitless as of late. I have an interview that isn't quite fully cooked, but I still uploaded it to Youtube, mostly just to see if it was going to go. There have been numerous glitches in the process, and I hope that by the time the sun fades away tomorrow I will be about done with this one, for good.

I am going to use my facebook page ... page_panel to centralize various forms of media, offer updates and tentative interview dates. I can't upload straight to facebook for reasons currently unknown, and so I'll have to link from youtube for that.

Probably the most easily manageable option would be to host my own site for the media I want to provide, but then getting people there would be a recurrence of a past hitch.

I currently have interviews lined up with 2 current Sonor Artists, and I need things streamlined. That's not proving to be in the cards for me on the Sonormuseum in the near future. I am open to ideas and suggestions. I need to keep this as low-cost as possible, as this is not a paid gig for me, and I still need some software upgrades and a few other things.

If you know of a site or entity that may welcome my contributions, please let me know. Some pretty interesting things are coming up!

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Re: Change of venue...

Post by J-44 » Thu Feb 18, 2016 10:19 am

Don't over-complicate things.... do the interviews, and post them as a thread in our existing forums.


Re: Change of venue...

Post by jules » Thu Feb 18, 2016 12:46 pm

I respect your input and appreciate your opinion. But, when I am trying to line up these interviews which are going to have a small audience at best, regardless to where I stick it, it isn't much of a selling point to tell the person I am trying to get on board that the interview will be stuck in the mix of a messageboard.

I am not paying anyone for the interviews, and so there has to be a draw to keep someone interested in giving up time for me.

And at the risk of being misunderstood, there is way too much work that goes into these things to have them end up stuck somewhere out of the way. Hosting problems are a major issue too. I don't care to have two weeks worth of YouTube kicking my work off. I don't have time to go around and around.

I want to be able to put together and execute an interview about every month. I also want to keep up the level of artists that are high profile, and an iffy (several false starts on the Buz King interview) YouTube upload splashed around on other social media is not the level of standards I am looking to operate within.

When it is all said and done, I want to have published a pretty thorough and hopefully interesting story of Sonor from the perspectives of key players. And I want it all neatly and consisely organized in a single location with easy access. I would be fully willing to post links from THERE to here, but the current protocol (or lack thereof) isn't going to fly.

I'll keep trying to get in touch with Scott to get some permissions, or will soon find a suitable hosting service and post everything there with full ability to structure it like I want and to load up the files to my liking.

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