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Not necessarily news, but...

Post by RevPoindexter » Mon Nov 27, 2017 4:12 pm

Hello all. Like the rest of you I’ve been buried for the time being. Just want you to know I’m around behind the scenes. Over this thanksgiving break we had over 500 signups. Exactly 2 were legitimate, real human beings interested in talking about drums.
I weeded through all of those and in an effort to eliminate our wannabe spammers I deactivated all the accounts that had not posted at all. It made it easier to find the fakes. I’ll be reinstating those “lurkers” in small batches, as I don’t want the entire board to get shut down by our provider again.
If you are one of the lurkers, I’ll get you back on in good order.
Lesson learned.

The Honorable Rev. Poindexter

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