SQ2 with Protean Snare!

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SQ2 with Protean Snare!

Post by jackplaysdrums » Thu Feb 23, 2017 12:38 pm

Hi everyone,

Here is a quick recording with my SQ2 and Protean Snare to a David Garibaldi track called Lakeside Shuffle. What a cracker of a song, David is a beast!


Specs and Equipment used:

- Sonor SQ2: 10x8, 12x9, 14x14, 16x16, 22x18: Vintage Birch toms, Vintage Beech bass drum
- 12x5 Protean Snare
- Cymbals: Zildjian 14 K Light Hi Hats. 17 K Dark Thin Crash, 18 K Dark Thin Crash, 20 K Custom Dark Ride, 19 K Custom Hybrid Trash Smash with Pro Mark Rattler
- Other: Porter and Davies BC2 Tactile monitoring System, Vic Firth, Gibraltar

SQ2 22,10,12,14,16,13x6 - Walnut Roots
SQ2 22,12,14,16 - American Walnut
Birch Infinite 22,10,12,16 14x6 - Vintage Onyx
Vintage Series 20,12,14 - Vintage Pearl
Force 22,12,13,16,14
Gavin Harrison Protean 12x5 Premium
Benny Greb Signature Snare 13x5.75

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