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Below are the archived pictures sent to us over the past 8 years. Enjoy!!!

Doug Duvall

Longtime friend and inheritor of the
Phonic Plus Kit from Hell. Dougie has
played with the Southeastern Ohio band,
AMIX for the last 15 years.

Rev. Poindexter's Collection

Force 3000's, pre-Phonic Rosewood Jazz kit
restored 1965 Ludwig Super Classics,
Sonor snares, the drums I wish I hadn't sold
and other things.

Jeffrey Speegle's Speegleville

A BIG Designer Series Kit
Bubinga Signature Kit
Neutron Yellow SONORLite Kit
Custom Blue Sparkle Lacquer Force 3000 Kit
...and a load of snares

Kent Arnsbarger

Fellow ebay scrounger and
occasional rmmp contributor
Early 70's Rosewood teardrop lug kit.

60's BDP kit with double bass

Todd Sucherman

Styx durmmer, and former Sonor Endorser

Mark Polis

Now a confirmed Gretsch weenie, he had Designer Bubingas, Sonorlites, Jungle kit, Phonics....

Tobias Hoeller

Sonor Geek in Bonn, Germany

Owns a 1966 set -- retro-cool!

Stocki's World

A Sonor Geek in Luxembourg
Signature Series Bubingas - Force 3001
Huge, Gorgeous!

Robb Waggoner

Sold me his Designer Piccolo
before moving to Ireland!
Sonorlites in birch finish.

Mike Radcliffe

Yellow Sonorlites
AND Force Maples...

Ed Warshauer

70's Rosewood Phonics &
he sent me loads of info on
Sonor Acrylic Sets and the 70's price lists!!!

John Steben

Force 3000 in Azure Stain.
3000 series and Pearl hardware.

Thanks for the loan of the catalog!!

Greg Anderson

Signature Series in Makassar Ebony.

I bought a few of his old Phonic Pluses.

Ernest Larouche

More kits than you can shake a stick at
AND a Sonor Endorsement!

Mike Starcher

Well preserved mid 70's Champion, Delite and Dark Violet Hilite kits.

Lee Farmer

Nice Force 3000's


Nicely done site with pics of his 60's kit.
For the most part it's in Japanese,
but you'll get the picture...

Tony Hillhouse

Beautiful Maple Light Designers

Martin Hayes

Scandinavian Birch Sonorlites

John Root

Neato 60's Black & White strata 4 pc. kit
AND Designers in bubinga

Jay Epstein

Very nice Designer jazz kit in birdseye finish

John Boudreau

Sonor Geek in Japan
He's also got a KB Ludwig fetish...

Steven Carter

Blue Sparkle Designers!
A slew of snares!
A couple critical catalogs I needed - Thanks!!

Michael Lucas

Ohio-based Sonor Geek with great taste.
Not shown is his 70's Champion project kit.

Alan in Australia

Phonic Plus HiTech, Signature Bronze(s) and a shiny new Sonor endorsement....

Joby Foley

Green Stain Designers

Drumguru - George Lawrence

White lacquer Sonorlites

Stefan Peschgens

German Sonor Geek with early 70's "Action" kit, 80's Mahogany Phonics and Performers

Mark Panek

Sonor endorser with 3 kits (Sonorlite, Phonic Rosewood and Force 3000) - and some Designers on the way!

Markus Schmidt

German Sonor Geek with a
Designer birseye monster kit.

Rick Morrow

Kansan with Phonic Rosewoods, Sigs and some Designers on the way!

Chris Cawthray

Canadian Sonor Geek with 80's Phonic mix & match kit(s) and snares du jour...

Pippo Bianco

Italian Sonor Geek with a new set of Sonic Plus

Jerome Deupree

Now here's a great guy with
a SERIOUS Sonor Jones...

Paul Culligan

Hilite Exclusives!

Ben Zab

Another German Sonor Geek with a nice collection

Bill Isherwood

Sonor Geek with KR Phonic Pluses. Nice!

Jean-Marie Crott

A Belgian Sonor Geek with a Phonic kit
and Force 3000

Edwin Sanchez

California Sonor Geek with
nicely restored teardrop kit. Rare finish!

Matt Hughen

Sonor Geek with a large Sonor Acryl kit

Mischa Theuvenet

Netherlands Sonor Geek
with a large Sonorlite kit

Herbert Oppenborn

German Sonor Geek with a cherry 60's kit

Erich Thesinger

German Sonor Geek with snares I want

Dean Kosh

Sonor Endorser with Force 3000, Bubinga Sigs, Ebony Sigs and Bronze...

Danny Kaser

Sonor Geek with Force 1000

Rasmus Puranen

Finnish Sonor geek with bubinga Designers

Lars Köster

German flea market snare

Guido Mueller

50's & Early 60's kits

Gary Posey

Sonic Plus birch shells

Ron Dennell

Interesting early 70's Swinger kit with
Sonor clone of a Ludwig Supra

Christian Gripp

He's got large Force 3000 and 70's Acryl kits
and a beautiful 50's/60's Krupa style WMP kit.
Very helpful - sent the 50's catalog.

Steven Pizzarelli

Long time Sonor geek with DRUM DESIGN, S-Class, and bubinga Designers

Gerald Wienhöfer

German with first series S-Class

JJ Dugan

Pennsylvania Sonor geek with mahogany Phonics

Tom Lovelace

Texas Sonor geek with Phonic Plus HiTech

Leon Surles

Florida Sonor geek with black Phonics

Brian Brown

Natural finish S-Class Maple

Luigi Montanari

Italian Sonor geek with black 70's Phonics

Antwan Donkers

Sonor Geek in Holland

Marc Anthony

Endorser with Designer (2) kits and Hilite kit...

David Chandler

THE Signature Bubinga kit from hell

Mike Carter

Rep for Paiste and DW, but he plays
Sonor at home! Still awaiting pics....

Sam Brooke

Australian Sonor Geek with an interesting Phonic(?) kit

Peter Sagerer

Very nice early-mid 60's kit

Kim Weidersjö

Swedish Sonor Geek!

Keith Block

Early 70's Teardrop Rosewood kit

Volker Sohny

German with Phonic and Signatures.
Worth a look!

Dave Melin

Canadian with customized Swinger kit

Rob Boundy

Australian with Hilite Exclusives


Interesting 70's/80's kit

Doug Farrell

Dublin, Ireland Force 3000's

Pascal Juris

Rosewood Sonorlite

Stef Broos

Belgian Designers

Frank Woltering

Sonorlite 557x Snare

Mark Hancocks

British Sonor Geek

Ralf Verrieth

Mid-60's pieces

Chris Caciola

Texas Sonor Geek with a rescued 60's kit.

George Daams

Rotterdam, Holland Geek with a nice collection!

Rafe Hyatt

Rare promo materials

Stephan Tangermann

German with nice bubinga Sigs!

Kristian in Croatia

Sonor in the Balkans!

Tom Lonardo

Memphis Rosewoods!

Chris Tilley

Force 2001

T.J. Whisenhunt

Hilites, F3K's...

Duncan Bloomfield

Anniversary Phonic

Eric Ouwersloot

Netherlands Force Maples

Markus Enzweiler - Duke123

Designer with VMS shells and F3Ks

Nick Angeloff

Green Stain Designers

Dan Coleman

Bubinga Sigs

Martin Jagusch

Collects 50's Sonor sets - NICE!

Paul Woloshin

Scandy Birch Sonorlites

Carlos McInerney

Nice selection of Sigs and Designers

Gabriel Correa

Chilean Designers

Ralf Winterberg

German Phonics & Lites

Rob Fife

customized Phonics and Sonic Plus

George (?)

modified Sig Lites

Geoff Kinde

Restored 60's kit

Leif Rasmussen

Rosewood Phonic

Wayne Maddever

Original S-Class


Birch F3Ks

Peter Vaghy

Force 2000

Aaron Draper

THREE sets of Performers

Wim Vandamme

Force 3001

Matt J

Bubinga Sigs

Ian Fereday

Force 3000

Russ Brady

Sonic Plus

Tom Kelsey


Andre Hemker

Rescued force 3000

Marius Schrey


Andy Ventura

Sonorlite, Designer


Champion/Action set

Ron Vranken

S-Class and Delite

Nabil Karsheh

Force 2001

Bren Rayner

Delite, Force 3K3, Force 3K

Bill Wharton

Designer, Force 3K1

Brent Overholtzer

60's kit

Maxwell Anley

Khaya Pyramide Designers

Apollos Benjamin

Green Sparkle designer

Jaap op de Ven


Andreas Nagl

Red Maple Hilte

Kevin Poole


Preston Holcomb

Force 1001

Richie Jones


David Kurdelak

Drum Design Kit - Awesome

Chris Nerone

Designer, Lite, Delite

Ken Nance


Christian Grassart