Phonic Plus

I had them for 15 years, but passed them along to my good friend Dougie Duvall.
24x18 bass, 12x12, 13x13, 14x14 & 15x15 mounted toms, 16x18 & 18x19 floor toms.
The shells are 9-ply beech and EXTREMELY heavy.

Picture taken sometime in 1987.

Doug DuVall playing them some where in the wilds of Ohio early in 2000.

His Tama Artwood 14x8 snare matches the kit quite nicely but we've since found him a matching Phonic 518x


1970's Sonor Rosewood Bebop kit
--Sonor Force 3000 -- Sonor Phonic -- Sonor Phonic Mahogany
1987 Sonor Performer -- 1984 Sonor Phonic Plus
Black Diamond Hilite
--- 1965 Ludwig Super Classic


Birch Sonorlite -- Birch Sonorlite Piccolo
Sonor Designer Piccolo --Sonor D-500 -- Sonor D505 -- Sonor 508x

Designer 1404BH -- Phonic D-515 -- Phonic D-516J -- Phonic D-518x
Force 3000 -- Sonor 125 Jubilee
Sonor Signature Bronze Piccolo -- White Lacquer Sonorlite
Hilite Black Diamond snares -- Hilite piccolo
Ludwig Supraphonic -- Ludwig SS -- Slingerland Copper

Odds & Ends

1930's Sonor Parade snare -- 1960's Sonor Bongos -- Wishlist