Phonic Mahogany Snares

Phonic Plus 8x14 Model 518x

Phonic Plus 9-ply beech shell with the Throw Off II mechanism, extended snare wires and die cast rims. Red mahogany finish.

Phonic 6.5x14 Model 516J

Phonic Plus 9-ply beech shell with Designer throwoff mechanism and die cast rims.
Special edition made for the Japanese collector market

Phonic 5.75x14 Model 515

Phonic Plus 9-ply beech shell with Throwoff I mechanism and triple flanged rims.
This one is literally a time capsule from 1980.

Designer 4x14 Model 1404BH

Phonic Plus 9-ply beech shell withDesigner throwoff and die cast rims.
Special order. Not another one like it in the world. Maple Heavy badge.


1970's Sonor Rosewood Bebop kit
--Sonor Force 3000 -- Sonor Phonic -- Sonor Phonic Mahogany
1987 Sonor Performer -- 1984 Sonor Phonic Plus
Black Diamond Hilite
--- 1965 Ludwig Super Classic


Birch Sonorlite -- Birch Sonorlite Piccolo
Sonor Designer Piccolo --Sonor D-500 -- Sonor D505 -- Sonor 508x

Designer 1404BH -- Phonic D-515 -- Phonic D-516J -- Phonic D-518x
Force 3000 -- Sonor 125 Jubilee
Sonor Signature Bronze Piccolo -- White Lacquer Sonorlite
Hilite Black Diamond snares -- Hilite piccolo
Ludwig Supraphonic -- Ludwig SS -- Slingerland Copper

Odds & Ends

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