90's Sonor Designer Series
1404S 14x4 Snare

I hadn't planned on buying this, but it begged me to take it home. I'm VERY glad I did.

Sonor's steel shelled drums are made from a ferromanganese steel alloy. Its sonic quality puts other metal drums to shame!

Normally there are some black plastic "Tune-Safe" thingies on the lugs, but the previous owner removed them. It doesn't detune under normal playing so I don't miss them.

Typical of my other Sonor drums, this one is heavy! The rims are die cast. As a matter of fact, I'm sure this drum weighs more than my Sonorlite!!

The tone is amazing! It's probably the most responsive, best sounding drum I've ever played.

(Left) Flawless chrome -
even on the inside!
Very well designed compact throwoff.


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